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October 26, 2021

How What The Denmark began

How the discovery that Danish couples slept with separate duvets led to the start of the What The Denmark podcast

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Do you ever find that Danish culture might be confusing to non-Danes?

When I told people I was moving to Denmark everyone spoke about the weather, hygge and pickled herring.

They didn’t mention… the duvets.

When I moved in with my Danish girlfriend we had two separate duvets on one double bed.

Something I literally never seen in my life.

This made me think there was something wrong with our relationship because why wouldn’t we have the intimacy of sharing a big duvet together

Most of the non-Danes I spoke to agreed this was a bit peculiar… and the more Danes I spoke to about this they all said “Hmmm, I’ve never really thought about it”

This was the start of going down a rabbit hole to understand why Danish couples sleep with separate duvets, but other parts of the world don’t.

From there, there were so many more questions to answer, such as

  • How do Danes make friends?
  • How do you play handball?
  • And what is going on with Danish humour

With the help of a great team of Danes and internationals, all with a connection to Denmark we have put together What The Denmark.

Rather than simply point fun, or say things like “Danes have an ironic sense of humour” we actually go deep by speaking to university academics and industry experts to answer why.

The overarching goal of the show is to resolve cultural confusion in Denmark

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